Houston January Weather Facts

january bannerIts January, do you feel winter setting in yet?

Temperatures in January average 63 degrees for the high and 45 degrees for the low.

Houston’s record high for January is 85 degrees set in 1972 and the record low is 10 degrees set in 1949.

The average humidity for Houston in January averages about 70%.

You can expect an average of 4.25 inches of rain this month.

Fun Fact: The Romans named it January after Janus, the God of gateways.

January Home Maintenance Checklist

  • devon-inventories-exeterOrganize your home improvement files.
  • Review warranties and product manuals to check on recommended maintenance for furnaces, equipment, appliances and tools.
  • Mark your calendar to track scheduled upkeep and service.
  • Inspect furniture, cabinets and vanities for loose knobs, pulls and hinges. Tighten or repair as necessary.
  • Lubricate squeaky door hinges with lightweight machine oil.
  • Free sticky doors by trimming edges or shimming hinges with thin pieces of cardboard.
  • Fix squeaks in floors and stairs by applying weight to the area (having a partner stand on it works) and driving an 8d or 12d galvanized finish nail through the flooring into a floor joist or stringer. If you have access to the floor from underneath, glue and screw backs to the floor or treads and to the joist or stringer.
  • Look for bargains on discontinued appliances and tools. Before buying, make sure that warranties are valid.
  • Make a room-by-room inventory of everything in your house. In the event of fire, flood or other disaster, it will be important in filing an insurance claim. Photographs or video of your possessions can also be helpful.
  • Don’t close vents to crawl spaces. If you live where pipes can freeze and the floor becomes very cold, insulate pipes and under the floor. Vents play an important role in controlling condensation beneath a house.
  • Double-check insulation around exterior pipes that are exposed to freezing weather to be certain that water cannot seep under the insulation.

Houston December Weather Facts

DecemberCalendarBannerIts December and hopefully you have been more nice and naughty!

Temperatures in December average 65 degrees for the high and 47 degrees for the low.

Houston’s record high for December is 84 degrees set in 1975 and the record low is 9 degrees set in 1989.

The average humidity for Houston in December averages about 60%.

You can expect an average of 3.75 inches of rain this month.

Fun Fact: “Jingle bells” was composed in 1857, and not for Christmas – it was meant to be a Thanksgiving song!

December Home Maintenance Checklist

  • november home maintenance
    Check the operation of all ground – fault circuit interrupter outlets by pushing the “test” button. The “reset” button should pop out, indicating the receptacle is operating properly. Press in the reset button.
  • Check inside bathroom vanities and kitchen sink cabinets for moisture and other signs of leaks. Carefully inspect pipes for condensation or slow drips. Repair the plumbing system if necessary.
  • Review the family fire escape plan with every household member.
  • Unpack and test all electrical holiday decorations. Repair or discard any that do not function properly.
  • Watch for sales on tools before and after the holiday season.


November Home Maintenance Checklist

  • november home maintenance When setting clocks back to Standard Time, change batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Inspect automatic garage door opener and lubricate according to the manufacturer’s directions. Make sure all bolts and screws are properly tightened and secured.
  • Check for leaks around washing machine. A prime suspect for leaks are the water supply hose washers. Inspect hoses and replace if necessary.
  • Clean dishwasher, trash compactor and countertop appliances.